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    Laminate flooring is growing in popularity as people discover the advantages and experience the quality of this product. Initially used in commercial installation because of its durability and comparative economy, this product is finding a place in the home as well. Some laminate products are nearly impervious to stains and scratches. All are easy to clean and care for. Best of all, laminate floors can be laid over an existing floor, saving you money that would be spent with any other material. Laminate floors come in a wide variety of patterns and colors to accommodate any home decor.

    Installation. Your Laminate floor will be installed by knowledgeable, friendly professional installers. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed by our one-year installation warranty.

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    Some of the name brands we carry include:

    Bausen Floors
    Tuscana Flooring
    Swift Train
    River Oaks
    Bruce Flooring
    Bella Cera

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